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CRM – the magic word

CRM means Customer Relationship Management and is a business strategy and philosophy that aims to put profitability, revenue and customer satisfaction at the heart of an organisation across all customer segments.

Customer development and behaviour are the cornerstones of the strategy and are supported in the company by the introduction of customer-oriented processes and service-oriented employees.

Strategic CRM focuses on developing a customer-oriented corporate culture. This culture is dedicated to acquiring, intensifying and retaining customers.

An actively designed customer experience and the consideration of customer feedback make a company a partner of the customer and prevent migration to the competition.

Operational CRM automates and improves customer-facing and customer-supporting business processes.

CRM software applications enable marketing, sales and service functions to be integrated quickly and as automatically as possible.

Analytical CRM is concerned with the collection, storage, extraction, integration, processing, distribution, use and reporting of customer-related data in order to increase customer lifetime value and thereby improve business profitability.

Social CRM or emotional CRM is an extension of the corporate strategy that has the purpose of inviting the customer to a conversation, listening to him and creating trust or pointing out solutions. Social media channels are increasingly being used, which – also because they are so easy to use – are more and more complementing, even replacing, the classic service channels.

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